The time has come: AETERNITAS is back on stage, live!

After almost two years of creative intermission, we are finally back and ready to rumble the stage with new songs!

The first live performances have already been scheduled:
11.10.2013 Lübeck, Sounds
12.10.2013 Hamburg, Haithabu-Hamburg

Further dates for 2013 and 2014 will follow soon.

The work on our ambitious concept album “House of Usher” has also progressed. A release date has not been set, yet our first single “Ethelred” will see the light of day very soon!

Behind the camera: backstage pictures from photoshooting day

It’s been a few days now that the new band photos could be seen on our website and social media accounts. Today we’d like to give you some insights into how these pictures came about in the first place.

For this purpose, Christian Hunzinger accompanied us for a full day shooting some excellent backstage pics. You will see how much fun we had whilst these pictures were being made. But you’ll also see how chilly it was in this old industrial plant that served as our background scenery.

All these pictures can now be found in our gallery.


AETERNITAS’ new photographs

We reckon that things must have gone rather well when some 500 amazing pictures were created in a 5 hour long photo-shooting. We were really looking forward to seeing them as everything around AETERNITAS seems to be working out great just now: songs for the new record “House of Usher” are thriving; the new website is live and content is being added; and we’re planning our tour for 2013.

Without a doubt: it was about time for these pictures. Obviously, we won’t present all 500 pictures but a selection only. In our gallery we proudly present the results.


The new website goes live

This is AETERNITAS new public presentation: we’re still working on our songs for the new album “House of Usher”. The new, completely revamped website, however, was finalised before the new record’s release. When collecting and composing these sites’ contents, we were quite amazed ourselves by what we can actually report on.

In early 2013 we’ll also present some new band pictures. More information will be released here and through our social media activities.

Enjoy discovering.

AETERNITAS begin work on new album “House of Usher”

Two years after their last record release, AETERNITAS began working on their new album.

In their new songs, AETERNITAS develop a modern symphonic metal sound which is combined with grandiose orchestra arrangement, groovy rock parts as well as distinct and catchy vocals from Alma and Oliver.

“House of Usher” is a concept-album loosely following the plot of Edgar Allan Poe’s short story with that title. Record release is planned for 2012.

In conjunction with recording the album, the songs are being probed as to ensure the titles can soon be presented live on stage.