Abschied vom Bassisten Rick

Bereits zum zweiten Mal dieses Jahr müssen wir einen Abschied bekannt geben: Schweren Herzens verabschieden wir uns von unserem geschätzten Bandkameraden Rick!
Hier sind die Abschiedworte von Rick im Original:

<<< The global pandemic has given many the chance to reflect on themselves and their personal situations in the last 18 months. After 4 years in Germany, some amazing memories and experiences, both personally and together with Aeternitas, I have decided to begin the next chapter in life, including a significant relocation, meaning it is unfortunately no longer possible to continue with the band.

Whilst there is an inevitable sense of sadness to be leaving, the arrival of Miss Scar Red starts a new era of Aeternitas and the timing therefore seems natural to allow a new bass player to take over.

I wish to thank the fans, Anja, Daniel, Frank and, of course, Alex for his tireless commitment, efforts and inspirational leadership. I also wish to thank Oliver and Julia, both of whome I remain in contact with and wish Aeternitas all the best for their future success, together with Miss Scar Red.

Rick >>>

Wir werden Ricks unkomplizierte und freundliche Art hinter den Kulissen vermissen und seine unbändige Power auf der Bühne!
Wir wünschen Rick alles Gute in seinem neuen Lebensabschnitt und seinem eigenen Bandprojekt Artemis & Apollo!