Early years

Founded in 1999 by Anja and Alex Hunzinger, AETERNITAS released their first and very well-received concept album “requiem” in August 2000, which combined a variety of different styles (from classical to metal elements). The success of this album encouraged Anja and Alexander to build a performing band, to bring their songs to the stage.

The second album “La Danse Macabre”, released in 2004, brought together contemporary gothic metal with classical, electronic and theatrical influences. The concept of stage realization was developed for spectators to enjoy a theatrical live show and paved the way for the subsequent development of AETERNITAS and their next work, the concept album “Rappacinis Tochter” (“Rappaccini’s Daughter”) from 2008. The theme is based around the short story of American author Nathaniel Hawthorne.

New era

A new era began in 2012, when AETERNITAS started working on their new concept album “House of Usher”. Herein AETERNITAS developed a modern symphonic metal style with complex orchestral arrangements, grooving rock parts and the strong and catchy melodies of their male and female singers. This fourth album was released in 2016 and led to one of the band’s highlights: the support gig for the SCORPIONS in Rüsselsheim 2017 at the Hessentagsarena.

AETERNITAS released their fifth studio album “Tales Of The Grotesque” in June 2018.

The toured subsequently with these new songs in 2019 and 2020 with the Japanese power metal band JUPITER and the Finish monster act LORDI on their respective European tours, where AETERNITAS enlarged their European fanbase.

In November 2020 AETERNITAS released their sixth studio album “Haunted Minds” via the Italian metal label Wormholedeath. On this most powerful AETERNITAS album yet, two honored guest musicians are involved: Henning Basse (Metalium, Ex-Firewind) and Glen Drover (Ex-Megadeth, Ex-King Diamond).


The incredible German metal lady Miss ScarRed completed the new AETERNITAS line-up in June 2021.

With her amazing rock voice and her astonishing stage performances AETERNITAS are very well prepared for the post-pandemic gigs-to-come and future album productions, starting with the release of a the new single “Shadows” in Autumn 2021.