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Haunted Minds

Veröffentlichung: 20.11.2020

WORMHOLEDEATH / Aural Music / The Orchard


1. Destiny
2. Fountain Of Youth
3. The Unforgivable Sin (feat. Henning Basse)
4. The Birthmark
5. Castles In The Air
6. Fallen Innocence
7. The Ring (feat. Glen Drover)
8. Another Day
9. The Beautiful
10. The Final Path
11. My Haunted Mind
Julia Marou Gesang
Alex Hunzinger Gesang, Gitarre
Anja Hunzinger Keyboard
Daniel T. Lentz Gitarre
Rick Corbett Bass
Frank Mölk Schlagzeug
Henning Basse Gastmusiker „The Unforgivable Sin“
Glen Drover Gastmusiker „The Ring“
Musik Alex Hunzinger
Texte Alex Hunzinger
Produktion & Mix Alex Hunzinger
Gesangsproduktion Henning Basse (Vocalbase)
Mastering Darius van Helfteren (Amsterdam Mastering)
Studio SonoFactum
Aufnahmezeitraum November 2019 – Februar 2020
Orchesterproduktion Alex Hunzinger
Cover Artwork Kurt Wörsdörfer (


Inspired by „The Threefold Destiny“ by Nathaniel Hawthorne


Strong is your insatiable desire
To reach out for the promised destiny


Major goals are always in the distance
Hard to find and clearly far away


Lost in time throughout the endless journey
Lost in time in pain and deprivation


Lost in time – it’s truly a high price you have to pay
To obtain all your dreams


Over mountains you climbed
Over oceans you sailed
On the quest for your high destiny
In the deep hidden sites
And in dangerous heights
You have found only vast misery


Weakened – the original desire
Faded is the longing destiny


Painful is this miserable ending
This world is not the place you’re looking for


Wasted years you’ve spent with pointless wandering
Wasted years alone in mental darkness


Wasted years have passed but for your sake it’s not too late
To awake from your dream


Over mountains you climbed
Over oceans you sailed
Though your quest hasn’t come to an end
But the true destiny
Lies too close to be seen
You will find it deep inside of your heart


Fountain Of Youth

Inspired by „Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment“ by Nathaniel Hawthorne


The flowers of roses bloom nevermore again
The flowers of roses bloom only for a day


Everything is easy in the spring of life
Questions of the future (are) far away
But the looming winter comes relentlessly
Longing for lost youth grows on and on


Of no avail!


Riding on a journey now for centuries
Searching for a hope for all mankind
Promised is the water of deliverance
Still the secret fountain is concealed


And it will stay!


Rise up high into the glowing sky
The promises unbroken
Rise and fall into oblivion
The doubts remain unspoken


Decades full of wisdom and experience
Memories for one’s entire life
Blown away in seconds like an autumn leaf
When they heed the great seducer’s call


You stupid fools!


Youth is only an illusion – no escape from Father Time
Youthful vigour and attraction – none of this is worth a dime


The Unforgivable Sin

Inspired by „Ethan Brand“ by Nathaniel Hawthorne


Where the truth is bigger than lies
You will find deception within
Where the care is only disguise
Lies the unconceivable sin


Never bound to the rules
Never stopped by a bad conscience


Take me away from my sinful existence
Take me away and deliver the world from me


Where the shades glow stronger than light
You’ll find only darkness within
Where the Good and Evil unite
Lies the unforgivable sin


Never felt the remorse
Never served a divine order


I found the abomination
Inside of my wicked soul
In God’s self-denying absence
I sinned under my control


The Birthmark

Inspired by „The Birthmark“ by Nathaniel Hawthorne


Mors ultima linea rerum est – (Horace)


A dire shadow has captured my ego
It started harming my confidence
I never doubted my decent appearance
But now I see every single flaw


Merciless attitudes of society take control


Mirror, mirror on the wall
Tell me what you see
All the years gone by I lived cluelessly
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Don’t you speak to me?
I can bear the pain and the verity


The imperfection has taken my being
Infected even my heart and soul
The inner voices they tell me to counter
And cut the flaws out of my disguise


No remorse, no regret – for the perfect life – perfection


The perfect future lies in the present day
We failed to look beyond the clouded scope of time


Mirror, mirror on the wall
Tell me what you see
Your picture is concealed and also shadowy
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Don’t you speak to me?
The only voice I hear is insanity


Castles In The Air

Inspired by „Peter Goldthwaite’s Treasure“ by Nathaniel Hawthorne


Wide is the mind of the dreamers
Narrow the one of the fools
Stupidity or insanity
Makes no difference from most points of view


What makes a man a believer?
What makes a man just a freak?
If you stand in the row and you go with the flow
You can shelter your madness for good


Higher and higher the endless desire is rising
Higher and higher the venomous fire is burning


Hidden dreams and hidden treasures
Hidden secrets everywhere
In the end you’re building castles in the air
Broken hopes and broken pleasures
Broken chances everywhere
In the end you’re building castles in the air


Deaf to all serious warnings
Totally blind to the truth
And with every attack there is no turning back
You will tear down the walls of the past


Trapped in a self-made obsession
Of an illusory world
What you tried to achieve was a cruel misbelieve
But you never accepted your fault


All desires will burst in disorder of ashes and dust
Blinded by greed and evil success – illusions will fail and fall into the void


The castles are taken down!


Fallen Innocence

Inspired by „Feathertop“ by Nathaniel Hawthorne


Behind the mask of a ragged and unsightly creature
Lies a soft nature of kindness and virginity


Physically strong but inside only anxious and fragile
Left to himself in a heartless and ignorant world


What is truth – what illusion?
What is life – in conclusion?
What is love – without heart beat?
What is humanity?


Lively and bright – shimmering flame that is burning inside
Dark as the night – that is the image, the mirror replied
You are safe with the lack of the knowledge of your entity
There is no way to turn back if the innocence will fall from thee


Millions of frauds in the world – arrogant and complacent
Never they see themselves truthfully for what they are


What is truth – an illusion?
What is life – the conclusion?
What is love – without heart beat?
Just inhumanity!


Lively and bright – shimmering flame that is burning inside
Dark as the night – that is the image, the mirror replied
You were safe with the lack of the knowledge of your entity
There was no way to turn back once the innocence (had) fallen from thee


The Ring

Inspired by „The Antique Ring“ by Nathaniel Hawthorne


This is a never-ending story
But no fair maiden and no king
Only the jealous human nature
This is the story of the Ring


The Ring was forged in pure affection
But led to pain and broken faith
And here began the long misfortune
The Ring has fallen in disgrace


A pledge of deceit between fellow man
Symbol of faith and betrayal
Used as seduction in every plan
The ancient Ring is still shining…


Bright as a star – red glowing fire
Only the hearts burn in the flames of the Ring


The Ring was strict and unrelenting
And turning passion into hate
As long as man won’t stop the craving
The Ring fulfills its given fate


Acts of abuse and adultery
Long is the list of offences
Sinister fortune and misery
The ancient Ring is still shining…


Just a deed of charity
Can reverse the sorcery
And the dark infernal red
Turns to pure and sparkling white instead


Bright as a star – white glowing fire
Innocent hearts rise in the shining


Bright as a star – white glowing fire
Innocent hearts rise in the shine of the Ring


Another Day

Disappointing failures – painful mistakes
I really tried to stay strong
Visions of the future – confident hope
All my intentions were wrong


Up and down
Round and round
Hit me to the ground


Rise and fall
Through it all
I remain standing tall


Life is only a misery
Wake me up – from reality
Faith and hope, they have gone astray
Wake me up – I can’t stand this day


Endless heavy suffering – continuous pain
I can no longer pretend
No apparent reasons – simply bad fate
I really long for the end


Day and night
Keep the fight
It will be alright


Tell me how
Tell me why
I believed this shameless lie


In the deepest dark the shadows cannot rise
The flame of hope glows hidden to the eyes


Life is only a misery
Wake me up – from reality
Faith and hope haven’t gone astray
Wake me up – on another day


The Beautiful

Inspired by „The Artist Of The Beautiful“ by Nathaniel Hawthorne


Don’t you see the stunning work of art?
Don’t you see the beauty in your heart?


Simple are the minds of all the fools
Limited their skills and mental tools


Don’t you see the full, entire sense?
Don’t you see the touch of innocence?


Narrow minded whiners with their doubts
Unable to be equal to break out
They don’t own…


The power to create
For only the art’s sake
The power to create the Beautiful
The art will turn the scales
And lift the hidden veils
The art will turn into the Beautiful


Blessed are the meek with open minds
Blessed are all of those who see the signs


Cast away the limiting control
Free are only the creative souls
Cause they own…


Art is complete
True masterpiece
Beauty revealed
Spirit released


Cause we own…


The Final Path

In memoriam Sigurd Hunzinger


When the shadows appear on the distant horizon
Clouds darken the sky yet still far away
It’s a matter of time ‚til you’re facing the morrow
Try to run faster but there’s no escape


Time has no key
Cast is the given lifetime


The broken steps into the darkness
The final path you walked alone
No calming words, no parting glances
Just find your peace where you may roam – all alone


The last fight that we fight it is always the hardest
Never easy but sometimes even unfair
When you notice that winning was never an option
It is mostly too late to break out of the game


Life is the key
Unlock the truthful meaning


My Haunted Mind

Inspired by „The Haunted Mind“ by Nathaniel Hawthorne


Silence falls from the darkness of the night
I am caught in this moment until dawn’s early light


Yesterday’s heavy burdens fall asleep
I am bound to the memories that I try to keep


Over and over again


Under the moon
Under the stars
We cannot hide from who we are
Yet darkest dreams let all the demons rise and haunt me


Deep in the heart
Deep in the mind
We cannot leave our fears behind
Yet darkest dreams let all the demons rise and haunt me
My haunted mind


Primal fears are beginning to take shape
I am lost in the moonlight with no chance to escape


Over and over again


Out of the darkness
Shadows awake
Shadows escape from
Out of my darkness
Into the night
Darken my light